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Why do so many business owners work 12-hour days and weekends so regularly? The obvious answer is because they believe they have to in order to make their business successful. And why do so many entrepreneurs tell me that they have never experienced a “worry-free vacation.” They tell me, “they can’t, because their business won’t let them.”

But, is this truly the necessary state of affairs? I submit that it is not.

Most business owners are dedicated to, if not passionate about their business; they are smart, and talented; and they are not afraid to take reasonable risks.  So why do so many struggle to truly achieve the dream that they envisioned for their business and themselves?  Because their talent and experience, although significant, is not enough to deliver.

My academic studies, business experience and extensive research, as well as performance in the marketplace of the “Most Successful Companies of the 21st Century” have demonstrated that there are Twelve Essential Disciplines that businesses must master in order to break through to the level of sophistication and competence that creates sustained Competitive Strength, Profitability and Brand Success.

Balanced Wheek of Expertise - 12 Essential Disciplines

Sure, these business owners understand their Operations well, but they’re probably weaker in other Key areas.  It’s not a lack of intelligence; it’s their knowledge gap.  They just haven’t been trained or otherwise exposed to the Best Practices in all 12 Essential Disciplines in the Wheel of Expertise.  These weaker areas are probably holding them back, preventing them from achieving a smooth rolling operation that breaks through all barriers in order to realize the dream that they envision for themselves and their business.

Typical Wheel of Expertise

The good news is that business owners do not have to be an expert in all 12 Essential Disciplines. But they do need to be aware of these required fields of expertise, and they must recruit and acquire the necessary talent, or develop existing human capital, training them in the required skill sets.  The team must master the twelve essential disciplines, contribute their talents and leadership and also share their knowledge with other key members.

There are other Factors.   Let’s face it, one of the biggest road blocks to an Entrepreneur’s ability to achieve their dream is often the Entrepreneur themselves.   Many entrepreneurs have control issues, I know, I’m an entrepreneur.  They want to control everything, or at least have their hand into all aspects of their business.  They want others to do things exactly as they would do it, and they are confused by anyone doing it differently or resisting their own “proven methods.”   But, the reality is, this only works if your business is very small.  The larger volume and revenues you company achieves, the greater the gap becomes of your effectiveness operating in this mode.

The fact is, entrepreneurs begin to run out of time to get things done, and their ability to adequately grasp the complexity of their situation becomes overwhelmed. As your company grows more of the required disciplines come into play.

For example: Two brothers working out of their trucks that provide plumbing services only need to focus on their trade, very simple accounting and a bit on sales.  Most of these fledgling entrepreneurs get a good start from referrals and word-of-mouth marketing because they built good reputations working for a larger established company. But as the grow, both in revenue and volume of activities, and add employees to meet their greater demand, suddenly, they must learn to consider things like Overhead, more sophisticated accounting systems (including software), project scheduling, employee performance and productivity, Department of Labor regulatory compliance, recruiting new employees, and on and on.  A business owner’s ability to master these accruing requirements determines their ability to grow profitably.

The common response of growing companies is for the business owner to commit more time and sweat equity to keep up with the demand.  It’s a learned behavior that is quite natural; after all, in the beginning, there was nobody else they could depend on; they were working alone.

Soon they find themselves slaves to their own business – working for their company, not working on their business.  Many find themselves in pure survival mode, and become convinced that they have no time to learn anything more, or to focus on other aspects of their life or business.  They don’t have the “luxury to change.”

But they must, if they want to realize different results.  The first step they need to take is to allow themselves to be open to change.

Do you see a bit yourself in this story-line?

Empower 4

More good news – with just a bit of guidance and introduction to the concepts and methods of the twelve essential disciplines that  the “Most Successful Companies of the 21st Century” leverage to create their sustained success, you can get off center and accelerate your own progress toward really achieving the dream that had envisioned for your business and yourself.

Work on your business, not just in it. Focus on the elements in your business that really excite and energize you. Secure a more fulfilling work environment for you and your whole team.

Imagine getting home regularly by five or six o’clock, not having to babysit employees to ensure that the work is getting done, securing greater profits with less headaches, being recognized as a preferred provider of premium services and/or products, gaining a prevailing sense of peace of mind and really being able to focus your time and energy on the more rewarding aspects in your life.   Spend more guilt-free time with your friends and family; take that truly worry-free vacation.

It is surely possible.  Our team of consultants and business coaches have helped hundreds of business owners gain these rewards relatively quickly.

Some very capable and arguably successful business owners still need a little push; or need an opportunity to allow themselves permission (or an excuse, if you will) to take that first concrete step to change.  Together we can achieve your dream peace of mind and get you focused on more rewarding endeavors.


To that end we have put together a new and exciting offering that is designed to power boost your efforts to accelerate your growth and progress toward securing your vision and a balanced lifestyle.

It’s called the “Turbocharge Your Team and Business Seminar.”

The Turbocharge Your Business Seminar is a highly dynamic and interactive three-day weekend seminar that not only introduces you to our holistic approach to personal life and business success balance, but also gets you started taking practical steps to transform you and your business toward that successful balanced lifestyle.

You will review the Twelve Essential Disciplines that every business must master in order to reach the level of sophistication and competence that can ensure sustained profitability and competitive strength. You’ll develop (or refine) your business plan & strategic goals as you master these Essential Disciplines. You’ll take concrete steps to improve your personal wellness and your business health. We’ll guide you through simple steps that begin developing the habits that you can easily maintain.  You will learn how to reduce your daily stress and how to take control of your time, allowing you to engage more fully in the most rewarding aspects of your life.

Learn what good health has to do with developing and growing your business. Also see how “clarifying” a “healthy lifestyle” affects your energy and influence. Discover the keys to developing the mindset of a “Winner” and the “HEART” of a “Champion.”  Discover the Power of Eidetic Imagery, useful Social and Mobile Media Techniques, S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, Good Communications Strategies, the dynamics of teams and their stages in development; review Project Management, Scheduling essentials, Strategic Focus & Planning, the ROI of an Effective Quality Management System, the Employee Empowerment pay-off, Sales, Marketing and much more.


There is a lot to learn and/or reconsider, and in this seminar you’ll find it easy and fun. Intermixed with short, easily digestible lectures, you’ll participate in a series of practical exercises that will help to clearly demonstrate the realities of the various principles.

We’ll help you reconcile your intellectual understanding that you really need this, with your emotional belief that you need to take care of yourself and your business now.

What’s in for you, besides the obvious opportunity to learn new ideas and perspectives?

Gain Peace of mind, secure “a future so bright that you gotta wear shades” and redirect your time and focus on the more rewarding elements in life.

Take you first worry-free vacation, knowing your business will continue to tick like a fine Swiss watch.

This program begins with a Power-boost seminar that prompts you to take positive action to accelerate your progress toward achieving your dream.

Then we’ll help you follow up in our subsequent 90 Day Challenge Seminar Series, The Peer Advisory Board – a twice-a-month webinar-based program that is designed to Transform You & Your Business within 90-Days, in Six Valuable ways:

  1. Increase your Profitability and Competitive Strength.
  1. Improve the ease and effectiveness of your Operations.
  1. Enhance the productivity, while at the same time, improving the job satisfaction of your employees.
  1. Organize your chaos into a well-orchestrated system through Strategic Planning, Training and Communication.
  1. Reduce your stress level and the time you need to put in in order to run your business profitably and effectively.
  1. Create a sustainable Balance of Personal Health and Business Success

To learn more, including some powerful statistics that reflect the value of participating in such a program as ours, go to our website at Get PDF SyllabusClick Here Register for the Turbocharge Your Team and Business Event  – Click Here. 7735754_orig_Client-team 3

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