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Do you Value Employee Empowerment, Team-Building, as well as Developing Business, Leadership & Professional Skills?

All too often, businesses of all sizes learn too late that employee engagement is just as important as customer relations. You need talented people with good attitudes, who are dedicated to their work, in order to maximize the capabilities of your key processes.  Conversely, lackluster people, who are poor performers, will be ineffective, or even sabotage the best of processes.

Engaged Employees Are Productive and Happy

A term used more and more often in business is “employee engagement.” In the past, this would have been called company morale. Whatever you call it, smart business owners are learning that it’s important to find ways to keep their employees invested in the company and its success. Engagement is something beyond the paycheck; it’s a direct product of employee empowerment, good communications and the owner sharing his or her vision for the business.

Good employee relations begin with making employees a part of what the business is about. There are five key factors to developing employees who are engaged with your Strategic Goals:

  1. Emotional attachment: Those with an emotional attachment to their work are driven to have a positive influence on the company’s success. It is these people who are willing to invest above and beyond the ordinary, work toward a common purpose, and make sacrifices for future success.
  2. Empowerment: Empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action and control work and decision making in autonomous ways. It is the state of feeling self-empowered to take control of one’s own destiny.
  3. Involvement: Good lines of communication create an atmosphere in which employees want participate. Engaged employees are the ones who volunteer when others exert energy looking for ways to avoid extra work.
  4. Commitment: Numerous recent and prevailing studies confirm that Empowered and Engaged employees are more profitable, more productive, more customer-focused, safer, and less likely to look for employment elsewhere.
  5. Employees Feel Rewarded and Recognized for Empowered Behavior

One of the best ways to get engaged and empowered employees is to train them and to involve them in energizing Team Building exercises.  In reality, this is an essential element that is commonly found in the recognized “Most Successful Businesses of the 21st Century.”

According to a study published in Personnel Public Management Journal it was revealed that training by itself increased productivity by 22.4%; while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%.

That’s a 400% increase in results.

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“DIAD” means Bonded Pair; what we do is pair up your talents and experience with our business savvy and experience to form a powerful bond that creates a dynamic synergy which produces desired results quickly and effectively.  Let us help you develop your Dream Team today.


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Turbocharge Your Team & Your Business Seminar

This is a highly dynamic and interactive three-day weekend seminar that not only introduces you to our holistic approach to personal life and business balance, it also gets you started in the actual process of transforming your team and your business toward that successful balanced lifestyle.

Attendees will review the Twelve Essential Disciplines that every business must master in order to reach the level of sophistication and competence that can ensure sustained profitability and competitive strength.

Balanced Wheek of Expertise - 12 Essential DisciplinesWe will develop (or refine) your business plan & strategic goals as participants master these 12 Essential Disciplines. This  seminar will boost Clarity, Strategic Focus and Enthusiasm toward achieving their Team’s Goals.

They’ll take concrete steps to improve their health and wellness, taking simple steps that begin developing the habits that can be easily maintained; discover the power and usefulness of Eidetic Imagery. Attendees will learn how to reduce daily stress and how to take control of their time, allowing them to engage more fully in the most rewarding aspects of life, while, at the same time, transforming the team into a more effective and capable force within your Company.

We’ll cover Useful Accounting Concepts, S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, Your Business Plan, Good Communications Strategies, the dynamics of teams and their stages in development, Project Management, Scheduling essentials, Strategic Focus & Planning, Key Principles of an Effective Quality Management System, Employee Empowerment, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, and Time Mastery.

There is a lot to learn and/or reconsider, and in this seminar participants will find it easy and fun. Intermixed with short, easily digestible lectures, attendees will participate in a series of practical exercises that will help to clearly demonstrate the realities of the various principles.

What’s in for you, besides the obvious opportunity to learn new ideas and perspectives? – This seminar gives you a Power-boost start that prompts you to take concrete and positive action, then we’ll help you follow up in our subsequent Seminar Series – “The Peer Advisory Board,” a bi-weekly web-based program that is designed to Transform You & Your Business in 90-Days, in Six Valuable ways:

  1. Increase your Profitability and Competitive Strength.
  2. Improve the ease and effectiveness of your Operations.
  3. Enhance the productivity and while, at the same time improving the job satisfaction of your employees.
  4. Organize your chaos into a well-orchestrated system through Strategic Planning, Training and Communication.
  5. Reduce your stress level and the time you need to put in in order to run your business profitably and effectively.
  6. Create a sustainable Balance of Personal Health and Business Success

Get Seminar Syllabus – Click Here



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