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Houston Coach for the Craft Industry

D.B. Doran Copper & Iron Works

Dear Mr. Dirkes:

During the course of this project you have certainly met, and in reality, exceeded the primary goals of this project. You established excellent communication and team work between you and my staff.

The highlight of this project was the outstanding Bank Presentation on restructuring and refinancing our existing debt that you helped me put together.  This presentation surpassed my expectations. During the course of developing this loan request I gained valuable knowledge about my own business including how we should improve our financial and operational controls, as well as understanding our competitive posture.  I feel that the Bank Presentation that you developed for us was most instrumental in getting this loan approved.

In addition to the presentation I received many more training tools for the further improvement of my business, not the least of which is a first class incentive bonus plan, which I feel has an exceptional chance of working out.

I would highly recommend you as an employee or consultant. Several of the plans and procedures that we have put into action have made a positive difference in our operation, as well as our team attitudes. You have implemented a sound strategy in making the entire team feel like they are empowered and involved in the decision making process.

Overall my association with you has been a very positive experience.


William S. Nadler, Jr.

Owner / General Manager+


Oxford Builders, Inc.

Recommendation of Dale I. Dirkes

I recommend Dale I. Dirkes for any position having to do with sales, negotiations, team building, safety or business management.

Dale I. Dirkes worked at Oxford Builders Inc. for two years as Vice President of Operations. Dale managed the day to day operation of the company and negotiated best value from our vendors including material suppliers, insurance and telephones.

He was very good at defining and refining our key processes and procedures, which helped improve the company’s overall performance. Oxford’s cost of goods dropped by 12 %, overtime was brought under control and progressive discipline saved us from many unemployment claims.

Dale is a loyal employee and is generous with his time, often working late to complete projects. Dale is also a strong marketer and has the ability to meet most people in the room and for those people to have a good impression of him and our company.

Dale is extremely intelligent and educated and he has the ability to pass any test if given minimal time to review the materials. Dale can review the large picture and has the ability to concentrate on minute details.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

William P. Sanchez



Allen Supply, Inc.

Our experience with Dale Dirkes the past three days has been very enlightening, and educational. Dale has worked very hard in order to provide us with the necessary tools needed to turn around our business and once again become profitable. We have already implemented some of his suggestions and will continue to work toward the completion of all recommendations given.

Dale has been very professional and straight forward with us. The value of the information provided both in writing and in conversation has been the key we needed to get our business back on the right track. I believe we made the right decision in inviting him here to examine our books, work habits, our mistakes, and lack of organization.

Thank you,

Carol Thornburg

CEO, chairman of the board Allen Supply, Inc.


American Bible Society 

Dale is a brilliant, innovative leader and instructor who can positively transform any organization. His practical, clear and fun approach produces amazing results. His broad palate of expertise allows him to examine any organization from the ground up, and offer valuable solutions to achieve more profitable actions. I strongly recommend him without any hesitation.

Chaplain, COL. (Retired) Arthur Pace – Executive Director, Armed Services Ministry at American Bible Society.


AMSCO Products Inc.

I am very satisfied with the consulting services that I have received from your staff. Your consultants were very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. They gave us a good deal of information and ideas that are most useful.

We implemented several key Management Control Tools that should help us control and reduce costs. We also rolled out an Employee Incentive and Employee Evaluation Program that has a lot of potential to energize our staff and give everyone an incentive to control costs and be more productive.

The Bank Presentation that your team put together for us is impressive and very comprehensive. This will be an important factor for our ongoing financial strength.

We look forward to realizing the ongoing benefits begun through this project.


Nick Ware, President


ASC Pumping Equipment

We would like to express our gratitude in the service provided to us by Mr. Dirkes. He provided many useful tools to us for our existing and future operations within our company. While we were aware of the many problems and issues that our organization faced, we were unable to find it within ourselves to make the necessary changes.

Dale provided us the tools and business logic needed to implement these changes. With his guidance we were able to see that we were only held back by the fear of the unknown and that change was actually not only what was needed, but was desired by our staff.

Thanks to Dale we feel confident going forward that we have the necessary tools and skills needed to keep ASC moving forward into the future. Knowing that he is available in the future to help us when needed is a great comfort.


Michael Phillips




Recent Endorsements Dale Dirkes Received

Sep 10, 2011

Dale is one of the best consultants in the industry. I’ve spoken at length to the clients that he has satisfied and he’s the best I’ve seen!

Dan Hostetler, President Legacy Analytics


Chauvin Coffee

I can’t begin to tell how you how pleased I am that I have had the opportunity to work with one of your consultants. The day your company called was truly a beneficial one. Being new to the business world, I knew I needed help. What I learned was that I needed help I didn’t even know I needed.

It was made clear from the very beginning how everything would work and that I was in charge of how long the project would take. The fact that I had control made me very comfortable. Each week I had a report on what had been accomplished and I signed off stating my satisfaction quotient. It was, to Dale’s credit, always excellent and he rated a 10 throughout. He is the consummate professional, knowledgeable not only in the process and procedures of how to run a business but also all of the interpersonal relationship issues that are involved.

Your company has given me the tools to go forward with the knowledge necessary to keep up with the daily running of my business along with plans for the future. I feel secure knowing I can call at any time and one of your experts will be able to help me with whatever issue arises. Business Partners is not only part of your marketing; it is a fact. I would gladly recommend your services to anyone in need of professional, financial or any other business related situation.

In conclusion I just want everyone involved in my project, especially Dale, to know I am very happy to have you all on my team. Thank you.


Yvonne G. Charleville



The Crissey Architectural Group

To Whom It May Concern:

A little over three weeks ago we decided to hire your company to evaluate our Business and train us. Peter Crissey and myself agreed together to have them here for a number of reasons. We knew the business was not performing, some of our current business practices need work, some of our ways of tracking jobs and billing are antiquated and difficult to follow, and neither Peter nor myself were trained/schooled business people.

Your crew of Mike Hornsby and Dale Dirkes both came in and worked with our company in many aspects to retrain and educate us they have left us with an overwhelming amount of information and sources to rely on to continue this correction and reorganization of the business. Mike Hornsby pointed out several areas where money/labor was being wasted and ways to correct it. Dale Dirkes also assisted us in changing our accounting system over to QuickBooks.

All of the training came with a significant cost, a price that would scare or intimidate a business owner, but Peter Crissey has stood fast to his dedication to this project. I have assured him that I am dedicated to this business and the changes we have undergone in the past three weeks. I will personally do all I can to stay the course in the guide and training.

We are very appreciative of the time you have spent here and look forward to further training times that have scheduled.

Timothy A. Posecznick, President

Peter D. Crissey, AIA” CEO


East Branch Engineering

Your company has been retained by East Branch Engineering to provide consulting services specifically to address some management issues and to help us streamline our administrative functions. Our Initial consultation with Dave Spaulding uncovered some deficient areas and a proposal was submitted to address these concerns. Since 2/25/08 Dale Dirkes has been on site helping to orchestrate and implement the necessary changes.

Dale has just completed his second week on site. Through his experience and knowledge we have been able to address many of the issues identified in the initial consultation, as well as reorganize our accounting function to providing us with the information necessary to manage our business. The overall process has been fruitful, Dale has been a pleasure to work with and we intend to continue or relationship with Dale and your company.


Paul Guidotti

President, East Branch Engineering


Fischer Hardware

I was quite pleased with the consulting work performed by Dale Dirkes. The information and analysis he performed met or exceeded my expectations.

Having experienced less than quality service from another firm, it was refreshing to deal with a consultant and company that really does the job they say they will. Dale provided me with a game plan going forward identifying/targeting the significant needs to make my business organizationally stable and financially profitable.

I do plan to continue with DIAD Consulting to implement the changes that need to be made.

Now that I feel comfortable with DIAD Consulting, I am working on a budget plan to be able to begin this process as soon as I can financially free up the funds. Dale went a long way to calm my fears of bringing in a business consultant firm given the bad experience I had with another firm. I would like to thank DIAD Consulting and Dale specifically for his work with us these last few days.

Roy F. Ewers



Gordon Boswell Flowers

To Whom It May Concern:

I’ve had the privilege of having Dale Dikes of DIAD Consulting, Inc. as my business consultant for 2 months this summer. The work he’s done is astounding. He’s bright and caring and fast. And his company, DIAD Consulting, has done everything exactly as they promised.

My expectations have been exceeded in the attention to detail, the focus and the productivity that Dale brought to us. He truly hit the ground running every day. Not only do we now have custom-made business organization tools, we also have been trained to use them with Dale’s consistent modeling of direct and effective communication skills.

As for DIAD Consulting, I was impressed with their initial presentations, analysis and follow through. I saw them practicing a business and sales model that I thought I could use in my company. I was right in choosing them.

I would recommend Dale and DIAD Consulting to a CEO who wants implementation of systems instead of just another To Do list of great ideas that he or she wishes there were time to get around to doing.

My Best,

Martha White Dean



Harrell Industries

We would like to express our gratitude in the service provided to us by Mr. Dirkes. He provided many useful tools to us for our existing and future operations within our company.

Our first goal was for Dale to complete an audit of our financials and this was achieved in a timely and professional manner. We feel confident that the information provided to us through the audit was accurate and thorough. Dale’s explanations when discussing accounting situations was easy for us to understand.

We look forward to continuing our company progress by utilizing all information that was taught to us. We also hope that in the future that Dale can come back and continue to aid us in achieving our financial goals. DIAD Consulting was an easy company to work with and we would recommend them to any company that considers outside assistance in their company issues, whether it be accounting or management issues.


Jim Pugh



High Bridge Pizza

Dale Dirkes has been a tremendous help to our company. He was very helpful while working along-side with our employees giving many positive contributions. We appreciated his professional attitude and his patience with the staff: He has put together the start of an excellent project and it will be of much help my company.

I am very satisfied with the work completed here. Thank you for this opportunity.


James M. Smith



J. Tramutola Construction

I have worked with two of your consultants over the last two weeks, Joe Sacco and Dale Dirkes. I have been very pleased with the information and direction I have received from both Mr. Dirkes and Mr. Sacco. Mr. Sacco did a nice job of getting the project started and laying out in order what areas we needed to focus on.

Mr. Dirkes not only worked with myself but with some of my staff, and the feedback from them has been very positive. His knowledge has helped give us direction in the areas of Finances, Operations, Human Resources and several other key areas that needed fine tuning.

Overall, I definitely feel that my company will benefit from the time spent with these two gentlemen.

With Best Regards,

Joe Tramutola, Owner


LANEGLO Bowl, Inc.

I would like to express my satisfaction with your senior consultant, Dale Dirkes. He has been very helpful to our business needs and developing our business plan to present to the bank. We look forward to utilizing new improvements to our business that has been shown to us by Dale.

And we also look to utilize DIAD Consulting in the future as things continue to improve.

Chris Lango



Life of Riley Tavern

To Whom it may concern:

I have spent the last few days working with Dale Dirkes with DIAD Consulting and I found the relationship informative and rewarding. He is pleasant and brings a wealth of information to the table and lays it out in a simple easy to follow system that helped me understand my businesses strengths and weaknesses in a different way.

I feel that his knowledge has helped me on a path to make my business more profitable for me and my employees going forward.

Robert Todd Miller



Little Rome Restaurant

Dear Sir,

We have been in business for twenty-five years. Our business has grown tremendously in the past five-years. Your representative came into the restaurant at just the right time.

We had been discussing the fact that our business had grown but that we had not grown with it. We were still conducting our business as it always had been. It has been difficult to realize that our restaurant is now grossing more than $600.000. We were ready for some changes.

Your consultants came in on Monday and immediately began work. They observed our daily operations and took notes. We began to discuss our goals and what we needed to manage our restaurant successfully for the next twenty-five years. Each consultant took on a project and began putting information together and suggestions for us very quickly. We were very satisfied with their work ethics and the attention paid to each aspect of the restaurant’s operations.

We have reviewed each suggestion and discussed putting them in place. We have been trained on QuickBooks and spreadsheets pertaining to profit margins, labor control, portion control, plate pricing, expense control and waste control as well as supplier and inventory management.

We are both extremely satisfied with the benefits and achievements of this project. We now feel confident in managing our business successfully.

We are extremely satisfied with the consultants’ attention to our particular business realities and the professional manner in which they conducted themselves along with their dedication to train us properly.


Milton Clarke, Owner

Melanie Clarke, CFO


M & W Sheet Metal, LLC

We absolutely enjoyed working with Dale Dirkes. He was very helpful and reassuring throughout the project.  He also demonstrated good flexibility and teamwork as he adapted to the various work environments that he had to deal with.

He was very courteous and personable when he dealt with my family members and employees.  He proved his trustworthiness as I had given him a key to my family home because the computer system that has all our company records is there.   My family commented on how respectful and courteous that he was.

But even more importantly, Dale has gotten us organized and on the right path toward profitability and peace of mind.  He found our lost money!  He showed us how we failed to bill all the hours and materials that we paid our employees and vendors.

He developed the management tools that we need to control our costs and to manage our people effectively.  He then taught us how to use the various spreadsheets, reports, and other management systems.  He patiently guided us through repeated practice sessions using our new systems.  He explained how the various systems interact and affect one another.  Dale made sure that we understood each system before we moved on to the next.

We now know how to determine our true labor burden, overhead, and other costs, as well as many other factors that affect our business success.

With Dale’s guidance we have been able to give ourselves a pay raise and still turn a company profit loss position into the largest positive Net Profit performance in our Company’s history. We are excited and encouraged by this project, and are anxious to proceed with our new systems and knowledge.


Dave Marien & Paul Warbin, Co-Owners


MidSouth Sign Company

I have had very meaningful dialogue and suggestions and have received valuable materials from you that we can use in whatever direction the owners wish to go.

Your personnel have conducted themselves in a very professional manner and kept interruption of normal business to a minimum. I am completely satisfied with the service I have received from your organization and would recommend your services to others.

Jerr E Dunlap



Minty Moving


Dale Dirkes and John Rossi were very informative and productive in their consulting services to our company. They provided many useful standard procedures and pertinent forms that will help us improve our efficiency significantly and/or cut costs.

As far as Dale Dirkes’ performance I am very well satisfied as to his work ethics and pleasant personality. He worked very diligently to provide our company with realistic goals and a realistic way of achieving them.

In the future I would recommend your Company.

Respectfully yours,

Harold Minty, President


Pita Pete’s, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very satisfied with the work of Dale Dirkes & Paul Anderson, representing your Company. They gave me good suggestions and ideas on how I might improve my business and valuable tools to help me manage my operations effectively.

We have accomplished all the realistic goals that we had set for the project.


Peter Lutz



PlastiVac, Inc.

Mr. Dirkes is the Senior Business Consultant, assigned to our business improvement project here at PlastiVac Inc. While Mr. Dirkes has been on site he has presented himself in a most professional and efficient manner. He has finely honed skills for information gathering, organization, communication, team building and ability to assess business needs as they apply to operations.

One of the highlights of the week has been the Meyers Briggs personality assessment of management staff and employees. We have experience with variety differing assessment techniques including the Meyers Briggs and they have been helpful. However the method that Mr. Dirkes employed the personality assessment coupled with team building exercises has been extremely beneficial and enlightening.

We are looking forward to Mr. Dirkes’ future visits.


Martin Eichenberger — President & CEO Charles Butcher – COO


Shawhan Sheet Metal

After working with your consultants for several weeks, I would like to say how much we here at Shawhan Sheet Metal have benefited for their tutelage and advice.

We have made a number of adjustments which I feel will help keep our business on track for now and in the future. These include changes to the way we track job expenses, changes to our accounting practices, and changes in how we gather information from the field. These changes will allow us to better match the expense of the job against our estimate and billings so that we can maximize our profit.

I would like to also thank you for the tireless efforts that Raul Mendez and especially Dale Dirkes have contributed to this project. Their understanding of our business and their ability to make changes and think on their feet will ultimately be a direct contributor to our success here at Shawhan Sheet Metal.

Again, thank you for your continued support and assistance.


Mary Shawhan, CEO


Spring Hill Gymnastics, Inc.

Dale and Ken were very professional exhibiting expertise and a sincere, helpful attitude. They both provided very practical ideas and implementation plans for cutting costs and increasing revenues.

We received useful tools to help us organize our business activities and manage our personnel in our day-to-day activities. They helped us and our staff to learn and better utilize The QuickBooks program.

We would recommend them to other companies looking to enhance and move forward in their business.

Thank You


Dale Roehrig