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Being a small business owner is challenging. You can feel the stress and daily pressure of keeping your business competitive and profitable, which often gets you bogged down in the day-to-day tasks, and may cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Our Peer Advisory Boards are groups of business owners who share ideas, experiences and knowledge to improve their entrepreneurial skills.

We share similar values: A quest for knowledge, an openness to new ways of thinking, a willingness to trust and a desire to help others. This means we’re always sharing, always learning and always using computer outdoor

Many of our members use their group as a Virtual Board of Directors, relying on their fellow members for advise and helping them be accountable to themselves for their progress toward achieving their stated goals.

If this is you, and you are running your own business, complete our contact form and let us know that you are interested in joining a DIAD Peer Advisory Board  to become a member of one of our Groups.

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We meet virtually so it doesn’t matter where you are located as long as you have access to the internet. Your commitment is 60 – 120 minutes per month (Normally two meetings a month, one for training, one for group discussion (Determined by group members)).

Fast Company Magazine and cited several statistics regarding business owners who participate in a facilitated peer advisory board.

“64% report an increase in bottom line profitability. 56% report an increase in top line sales. 60% report an increase in productivity. Other points that support the idea include: increased quality improvement, improved customer service, improved team work, and increased job satisfaction.”

“The overall positive revenue impact of a peer advisory board can be from 19-43% of gross revenues.” Entrepreneur Circle Blog

To join one of our Peer Advisory groups, simply complete our Contact Form and let us know that you are interested in joining a group.

Or contact today to join!

Only $29.00 per month!  Easy to participate; access to a wide range of experience and knowledge; greater value than many other groups that can only try to copy our format, knowledge base and total value.


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