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Category Archives: Communication Skills

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Turbocharge Your Team and Business – Houston

Why do so many business owners work 12-hour days and weekends so regularly? The obvious answer is because they believe they have to in order to make their business successful. And why do so many entrepreneurs tell me that they have never experienced a “worry-free vacation.” They tell me, “they can’t, because their business won’t let […]

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Icebreakers Can Help You Create Rich Learning Environments

As the name suggests, icebreakers are designed to “warm up” the session. It is important to note that delegates need to be receptive to learning before they can start to learn. An icebreaker helps to warm up the delegates and prepare them for more learning activities. Icebreakers are effectively a tool in your trainer’s toolbox. […]

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12 Tips for Effective Communication Styles in the Workplace

Communication is something we do reflexively — like breathing. We talk to our spouses, kids and friends without giving much thought to how we’re doing it. It might seem easy, but communicating effectively actually takes quite a bit of finesse. Choosing the right words, listening with our minds instead of just our ears, and getting […]

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Effective Meetings – AKA: Worthless meetings – Rest in Peace

“When I die, I hope it’s in a meeting. The transition from life to death will be barely perceptible.” There is more than a little bit of truth to this joke from an unknown author. We’ve all found ourselves trapped in the meeting down the hall from purgatory. Moreover, we all know what a drain that […]

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12 Questions You must Ask in a Customer Survey

Let’s take a quick look at the Current Business Climate: The SBA and several university studies indicate that: A corporation fails every 3-minutes A company changes control every 15-minutes 66% of ALL companies fail within 10 years with 35% of those failing within the first 2 years [1] 26,000 new products and brands are introduced every […]

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