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The Balanced Wheel of Expertise -12 Essential Disciplines40 to 50-minutes

Executive experience, surveys of the most recognized successful business leaders of today and an amalgam of various university and marketing agency research have shown that there are:

12 Essential Disciplines that businesses must master in order to break through to the level of sophistication that creates sustained Profitability, Competitive Strength and Brand Success.


Balanced Wheek of Expertise - 12 Essential Disciplines

This training presentation highlights the importance and long-term value of developing a Balanced Wheel of Expertise within your team. It provides an overview of each of the twelve disciplines, including suggested strategies for each concept. This seminar is often cited as a powerful catalyst for breaking through institutionalized stagnation and complacency, as well as promoting a better focused company strategy and an empowered team.

Time Mastery – 1-hour

Time Management Training HoustonYou will learn how to reduce your daily stress and how to take control of your time, allowing you to engage more fully in the more rewarding aspects of your life.

Consider the 10 Steps to Time Mastery that help you organize your day in order to optimize and prioritize your activities ensuring that they are High Impact,

Relevant and focused on your Strategic Goals. Become more productive using less time and with less stress.

Setting Meaningful and Effective Goals – 1-hour

Goal Setting Training Coach Houston

Goal setting is a powerful way of motivating people, and of motivating yourself. The value of goal setting is so well recognized that entire management systems have goal setting basics incorporated within them.

In fact, goal setting theory is generally accepted as among the most valid and useful motivation theories in industrial and organizational psychology, human resource management, and organizational behavior.

Many of us have been introduced to the concepts of smart goals. It seems natural to assume that by setting a goal that’s specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-framed, we will be well on our way to accomplishing it. This training module reviews the 5 Golden Rules of Setting Meaningful and Effective Goals, the SMART Goals Criterion and the 5 Encompassing Principles that ensure your goals are value-added to your successful endeavors.

12 Golden Rules of People Management – 1-hour

How to Manage People Training Consultant

As a company organizes and staffs to achieve success, it typically operates within a framework of well-defined management principles.

The difficulty lies not in gaining acceptance of those basic management concepts, but in implementing them when dealing with specific individuals in real-world situations.

This Training module defines twelve rules, guidelines really, that should help you grasp key concepts needed to deal with a wide range of “people issues”.  When considering all the essential elements needed to secure sustainable profitability and competitive strength, the prime factor must always be good people.

Transform You & Your Business through People Engagement/Employee Empowerment: 1-Hour.


Explore the Top 12 Principles for implementing Employee Engagement & Empowerment. Learn how true empowerment of your employees will reduce your stress while cutting back the time you will need to run your business effectively & profitably. Gain an enthusiastic team focused on your Strategic Goals & Financial Objectives.

Creating a Strategy-Focused Organization – 5-ea., 1-hour sessions

Strategic Planning Training Consultant The DIAD Consulting’s process of ‘Creating a Strategy-Focused Organization’ is built around the five principles propounded by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton, the creators of the Balanced Scorecard.

  1. Mobilizing Change through Executive Leadership
  2. Translating Strategy into Operational Terms
  3. Aligning the Organization to the Strategy
  4. Making Strategy Everyone’s Everyday Job
  5. Making Strategy a Continual Process

DIAD Consulting, Inc. has been able to perfect the process after field testing it in consulting workshops with many of their clients. The procedure is supported by an easy-to-follow model, templates, slide presentations and a workbook.

The Balanced Scorecard – 1-hour

Consultant for Professional Balance You’ll most likely have heard the saying “What you measure is what you get.” This is something that’s true across many areas of management – if you set people targets, and reward them when they meet these targets, they’ll often do all they can to achieve them. This is great in principle, but can be disastrous in practice: One problem is that it’s much easier to measure financial results than it is to measure progress in other essential areas (such as staff satisfaction). This leads to an over-reliance on financial measurement. A second issue is that people will, quite rightly, drop other activities to meet challenging goals – this is part of why stretch goals are set. Taken together, this means that organizations often focus their efforts on short term financial results, at the same time that the underpinnings of their business wither away, neglected. This is where the idea of the “Balanced Business Scorecard” is important – as a tool for improving the performance of a whole organization, a large department or a small team. The Balanced Scorecard or Weighted Scorecard helps you measure and improve performance in an integrated way.

Value-added Operations Accounting Methods – 1-hour

Value Added Accounting Methods Most businesses have their Chart of Accounts set up primarily for Tax Mitigation and Banking Concerns.  This is an important strategy needed to ensure financial health.

“Operations Accounting” maintains these strategies, and adds further breakouts of financial data that provide insight into how Operations are performing. Operations accounting seeks to measure operational key performance indicators and thereby making the organization’s accounting system part of the company’s Strategic plan that guides the future of a business via business operations “managed by the numbers.”

Idea & Creativity Generation   1 to 2-hours

Ideas and Creativity ConsultantSo how do you identify the next Apple, Google, and Walmart?  Every business starts with an idea but is an idea always an opportunity?  Successful entrepreneurs know that it often takes thousands of ideas to uncover that one great business opportunity.  In this topic, you will look at a variety of techniques entrepreneurs use to discover ideas and uncover potential opportunities.  Opportunities can be discovered through systematic searches or through constant scanning and being alert to the ever changing environment.  We will practice different techniques for increasing your creativity, propensity for innovation and sharing new ideas, as well as enhancing your “Opportunity Recognition Skills.”