Training and development = sophistication and sustained success.

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Dale I. Dirkes

Executive Consultant & Turn-around Master

What distinguishes Mr. Dirkes from other consultants is both the breadth and depth of his experience.  He has experience as an executive in a Fortune 50 company, small businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors as well ($3MM to $10-Billion). As a consultant Mr. Dirkes has helped companies ranging from $500K to $220MM.

He was also an Educator at a Community College for six-years. Mr. Dirkes has managed as many as 258 personnel, eight direct reports and up to five levels of management concurrently. This has brought practical experience to his consulting repertoire.

He has had the experience of putting his consulting (and academic) theories into successful practice. With more than 30-years in management and executive management including extensive experience in domestic & international projects, he has established a record and reputation of obtaining desired results. 

 Mr. Dirkes is a renowned “Turn-around Master “– as an employee and as a consultant, he has repeatedly and consistently helped companies move from a losing position into a profitable status within months. Developing strong teams and planning for continuing improvement are key elements of Mr. Dirkes’ management style. 

“Companies that succeed in the long-term must have Five Key Elements. Those are (1) Good People (2) Good Processes (3) Leadership (4) Good Equipment (5) Good Materials. All are important and a weakness in any of these areas will drag down the others, but success must start with securing and professionally developing good people.” says Dirkes.  “Training and development should be the foundation of any company that wants to break through to the next level of sophistication and sustained success,” he continues.  Mr. Dirkes helps companies institute the optimal form of Quality Management and training that suits their business needs in order to create a winning team.

Although Mr. Dirkes specializes in Construction, Trade and Manufacturing consulting, he has also provided consulting services for Architects, Auto Dealerships, Bowling Alleys, CPA’s, Product Distributors, Fabricators, Health Care Providers, Health & Fitness Clubs, Farms, Food Processors, Insurance Brokers, Hotels, Museums, Non-profit Organizations, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Restaurants & Bars, various types of Retail Stores and a Safety Association with a high degree of success. 

His areas of expertise include Operations, project management, Scheduling, Sales, Marketing & Customer Service, finance & accounting, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quality Management, Human Resources, Recruiting, Compensation & Benefits, Organizational Development, Team Building, Training & Adult Learning, Safety, Risk Management, Food Management, Change & Knowledge Management, Contract management, ISO 9000, Personality Assessments, Time Mastery and more.

Mr. Dirkes holds advanced degrees in Industrial Psychology, as well as an MBA. He was a Distinguished Military Graduate at Loyola University and also completed the prestigious Rutgers University Advanced Management Course for senior and executive managers. Further, he is a Certified OSHA Outreach Safety Instructor and Certified Food Service Manager.