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8 Main Reasons Why People Fail to Implement


  1. 97% try to reinvent the wheel and feel they must do it their own way.
  2. 63% are not open to help, coaching, or others experience.
  3. 89% lack the leverage of a qualified system.
  4. They allow their past experiences and beliefs to hold them from growing.
  5. 92% do not currently possess the skills to prioritize and thus feel overloaded.
  6. 81% do not know where to begin so they never do.
  7. 98% fail to commit and take positive action when it is truly needed.
  8. They focus on scarcity instead of great possibilities.


What is it you really, really want?


  • More sales, more customers, greater profitability
  • Loyal and committed staff
  • Less stress, less worry about the competition
  • Selling your business for millions
  • More free time for family or pleasure
  • What do you personally get when you reach your business breakthrough number?
  • What does it mean to you? Write it down…


What is effective implementation?

Implementing: The act of following through with your thoughts, words and dreams. Effective implementation is committing to taking consistent, recurring action. No consistency = poor results. You must have a system that ensures consistency if you want the results to be permanent.


You must Master

  • How to hire top talent.
  • How to perfect your follow up
  • Professional presenting rules and skills training.
  • Secrets to implementing like a marketing genius
  • How to use the power of the internet in marketing to generate leads.
  • Invincible leadership.
  • How to use press relations in your favor
  • Best Buyer Strategies
  • How to influence anyone
  • Consultative Selling
  • How to prioritize opportunities
  • How to use the power of partners relationships.
  • How to drive profits in your company in multiple ways
  • How to create geometric growth
  • How to get an appointment with anyone
  • Marketing data research Time management mastery
  • Creating your competitive advantage
  • Pathway to profits

Frustration Demonstration



  • How to get more impact from the same moves you’re already making.
  • How to be the most logical choice in your market.
  • How to significantly and systematically increase sales.
  • Get all the best possible buyers – the DREAM buyers (this alone can double sales).
  • How to become a master at building your business.
  • How to shorten your sales cycle.
  • How to positively differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Keys to THRIVING during any economy.



bigstock-Two-heads-of-people-with-mecha-25539083-resized-600How do I gain this Knowledge?


  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce and attend the available training regularly
  • Join your local trade/industry Association – share and learn from regular participation
  • Join LinkedIn and also join Groups – Contribute Stories/information of interest and read others’
  • Read pertinent blog material of interest on various social media and other websites
  • Hire the right Business Management Coach: