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15 Disastrous Mistakes in Business Management Today

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Mistake 1:     Taking Existing Customers for Granted

Mistake 2:     Failing to Capitalize on Market Opportunities

Mistake 3:     Failing to Conduct Competitive Intelligence

Mistake 4:     Allowing Operational Inefficiencies to Persist

Mistake 5:   Letting Problems Go Undiagnosed and Uncorrected

Mistake 6:     Driving the Wrong Behavior in the Organization

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Mistake 7:   Failing to Institutionalize a Strategic Focus

Mistake 8:   Assuming that Training is not cost-effective

Mistake 9:   Not developing a formal Communication Plan

Mistake 10:   Failing to Offer Transparency for Stakeholders

Mistake 11:   Not Advocating & promoting true Employee Engagement/Empowerment

Mistake 12:   Paying only “Lip Service” to Quality Systems Management

Mistake 13:  Failing to measure Operations performance in a timely manner

Mistake 14: Failing to regularly analyze all Financial Statements, including CashFlow, in order to understand trends in Operations, as well as finances

Mistake 15: Failing to consider the Business Owner’s Personal Health as an Important Factor in the Business’ Success

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